Scattered Spruce Salers has been producing easy calving Salers since 1981 with a goal to produce quiet, easy to handle, easy calving and easy fleshing cattle with exceptional structure. 

We have a herd of 300 head were we have developed Red, Black, Tan and White Purebred Salers. 

We believe that nothing speaks for cattle better than pictures, videos and of course walking through the herd; so if you are intrigued by the pictures and information, feel free to give us as call and arrange a time to walk through our bulls and our herd. Our coffee and tea are always on!

Feature 2022 Yearling Bulls

74BJ yearling.jpg
(Sold) YFS 60J Sired by YFS SSS Frenzy 25F
4CJ yearling.jpg
 (Sold) YFS 209J Sired by GIT Destination 52D
13AJ yearling.jpg
          YFS 200J Sired by WDG David 71D
13BJ yearling.jpg
(Sold) YFS 113J Sired by SSS Mr Polled Denali YFS 67D

2021 Calves in the pasture

dark red.jpg
YFS 25F Sired 2021 Bull Calf YFS 60J
cow calf red.jpg
PW Cypress 10C Sired 2021 Bull Calf YFS 102J
cow calf tan.jpg
MAC Zaire 129Z Sired 2021 Heifer Calf
YFS 96F Sired 2021 Heifer Calf
red heifer.jpg
MAC Atomic Force Sired 2021 Heifer Calf
cow calf black.jpg
MAC Atomic Force Sired 2021 Bull Calf YFS 66J
New Junior Herdsires Aquired!
BW: -0.1
WW: +51
YW: +63
MWW: +40
Milk: +15
CED: +12.1

Sire: STP LMB Dr Jones
Birthdate: Jan 4, 2021
Birthweight: 82lbs 
Jan 9 Wt: 1130lbs
new bull (2).jpg
BW: +0.5
WW: +55
YW: +81
MWW: +47
Milk: +20
CED: +14.9

MAC Hawk 99H
Sire: ECR Hunter 710E
Birthdate: Feb 8, 2020
Birthweight: 81lbs
Adj 205 wt: 746lbs
black bull.jpg
BW: +1.2
WW: +56
YW: +75
MWW: +47
Milk: +20
CED: +10.8

AGW Black Hawk 31H
Sire: KKCC Authority 304A
Birthdate: April 24, 2020
Birthweight: 88lbs
Adj 205 wt: 664lbs