Scattered Spruce Salers has been producing easy calving Salers since 1981 with a goal to produce quiet, easy to handle, easy calving and easy fleshing cattle with exceptional structure. 

We have a herd of 300 head were we have developed Red, Black, Tan and White Purebred Salers. 

We believe that nothing speaks for cattle better than pictures, videos and of course walking through the herd; so if you are intrigued by the pictures and information, feel free to give us as call and arrange a time to walk through our bulls and our herd. Our coffee and tea are always on!

Feature 2021 Yearling Bulls

(Sold) YFS 159H Sired by YFS Full Steady 96F
  (Sold) YFS 64H Sired by RC Buck 150B
 (Sold) YFS 149H Sired by WDG David 71D
(Sold) YFS 61H Sired by PW Cypress 10C 

2020 Calves on the ground

YFS 96F Sired 2020 Bull Calf YFS 159H
MAC Atomic Force Sired 2020 Heifer Calf
PW Cypress 10C Sired 2020 Bull Calf
YFS 96F Sired 2020 Bull Calf
WDG David 71D Sired 2020 Bull Calf
New Genetics Aquired!

In March of 2018, Scattered Spruce Salers purchased 7 bred cows and one open heifer from West Hills Ranch herd dispersal sale. This was an excellent opportunity to broaden the genetics at Scattered Spruce Salers and add new genetics to Salers in Canada. We have been really impressed with these and continue to retain their daughters in our herd with great success for milking ability and structure. 

WHR 126Y
IMG_2705 (1).jpg
WHR 72Z, with her 2018 bull calf.
She is the dam of the high selling bull in the 2018 WHR Bull Sale. 
WHR 86A, her mother is an ASA Gold Dam and RAO 703T was also a WHR donor dam.